Aug. 26th, 2023

Some characters I've done from late last year til now.

Going forward, I'll be doing more characters from genres: anime, games, music, horror and sports!

Before that, I'm absolutely stoked for you all to finally see my RoboCop 1987 artworks from 2019-2022 in RoboDoc: The Creation Of Robocop Documentary premiering 3 days from now--Aug. 29th!

The creative minds and hardcore RoboCop fans, Directors: Chris Griffiths & Eastwood Allen have put together 5 hours of content in a 4-part limited series for Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play and other VOD via Screambox. Blu-ray also coming later this year! No stopping the retro badass train!

Recent Characters Completed & Documentary Premiere
 Top image created on Aug. 26, 2023
Bottom image: Official Poster of RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop

Aug. 21st, 2023

A huge shoutout to Chris Heathcoat for another absolutely brilliant and successful mission in getting my artwork to the real life master of all ninjas, SHO KOSUGI!! in South Pasadena, California on Aug. 19th. Sho Kosugi was the guest of honor at the Republic of Lucha Store to launch his apparel where he greeted fans, signed autographs and performed some of his master ninja skills.

The belated birthday t-shirt gift was dreamed up by Chris (suggesting which characters to be in the lineup), then I went to work. The tagline (the 9 seals) was the most fun to come up with. I just knew it’ll be something Master Sho would connect with.
See the video here.

Thank you so much again, Chris! We will do this again, most definitely!

Meet & Greet Sho Kosugi on Aug. 19th 2023
 Image created on Aug. 19, 2023

Meet & Greet Sho Kosugi on Aug. 19th 2023
 Image created on Aug. 19, 2023

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