Sept. 11th, 2016

Get to know a little more of lil-ole me. The three men below are the central figures in my life who act as guides and gives enormous motivation to me and what I set out to do. The first is the mind. The second is the storyteller. And the third is the complete package.

Black and white photo of the Master and Dean of Personal Development, Earl Nightingale
The Dean of Personal Development, Earl Nightingale's words and radio talks have awakened, inspired and influenced me beyond words. My ideals on human evolution, behavior and character stems largely from his teachings. How can you not love "Standing in your own acres of diamonds" or "You become what you think about", the two principles that keep me rooted in my abilities all thanks to the late, great Mr. Earl Nightingale.
Black and white photo of author and renowned science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury at his desk
One of the greatest writers of our time, the man most responsible for bringing science fiction writing to the mainstream was Ray Bradbury. His short stories on Mars was like a supernova in my mind and continues to influence my concepts and visions of the future.
Whenever it's my turn to read a bedtime story to my son, I often offer to tell stories from my mind which quickly gets shot down, however, those timeless tales stuck in my mind could only be from Ray Bradbury.

Color photo of martial artist, philosophist, actor, writer, director and producer, Bruce Lee Jun Fan in Rome
The one man who fills me with tremedous pride and confidence, Bruce Lee. Being a Chinese born Canadian man living in the west is not easy. You have to fit a stereotype: math wizard, effeminate, speak little english or kung fu expert. What if you're none of those? That's where I fall in, and so, there's a quiet struggle--the struggle in being heard or noticed. Not that I care for either, but it is the cold reality that I am facing--I never forget that.

The growing pains of Bruce Lee's childhood getting bullied and the harsh times of his adult life in America never ceases to invigorate me. It teaches me to go around the side door rather than charge straight ahead which leads me to the single Bruce Lee quote that strongly steers me today: A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.
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