Creative Force


Unforgettable movie moments from around the world of film must be brought back to life. My only objective for each statue is to entrap its soul.


I often work in a two step process of 3D modeling and texturing before importing the rendered image into Photoshop to do the final painting. I call it 3D2D Digital Painting.

Fashion & Accessories

Fabric hunting and working with different materials have really grown on me over the years. It is a direct result of making clothing and accessories for my statues. I'm often wondering, why not try on a human scale?

Creative Writing

Creating characters and the world they live in is so much fun. I can easily get lost in the details of a backstory. As long as I have my ending, the journey to get there for the characters can go in any direction it wants.


Places I Call Home

Artist Marten Go and wife, Yoko Tsumagari standing in front of The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Hometown | 2015 -Present

Going to an advanced art high school gave me the basic art fundamentals to build a portfolio to get accepted to the world-class, Sheridan College Classical Animation program. Because of excessive... partying, etc. I would drop out the first year while my classmates got recruited to Dreamworks and Disney Animation studios in year two. Three years later in 1997, taking a stab at drawing comics, I quietly transitioned to computer animation and never looked back.

Artist Marten Go with son, Jerome Ng standing in front of huge cup noodle statue at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan

Kawasaki, Kanagawa

2003 - 2006  |  2010 - 2015

Transferred to the KOEI Head Office from the Canadian branch, I was groomed to return as a CG Director, but I ended up staying instead and getting married! A year later, my wife and I moved to the United States, but returned to Japan in 2010 with our two year old son.

The idea of Preserved Dragons came in 2011 after many months of brain-aching research on the death of Bruce Lee for episode 3 of my webmanga series: In Too Deep: A Satirical Look on Conspiracies.

Aritst Marten Go standing next to large human scale Charlie Brown at the Peanuts Museum in Santa Rosa, California

Redwood City, California

2006 - 2010

20 minutes from San Francisco, I couldn't ask for better weather or a cozier environment. I begin freelancing, taking a lot of work from my wife's company, the makers of Bomberman while taking care of my newborn son. This would pave the way for me to design and launch my own mobile games: Popba and Beeswack! for the China market and Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown for the iPhone and Android in 2010.


"You're a nobody until someone loves you.
You're a somebody when someone hates you.
Move them. You'll be a somebody."
~ Marten Go

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