In Too Deep series: Episode 3

Preserved Dragon is a satirical take on the mysteries surrounding Bruce Lee's death and aftermath. This mystery has always intrigued me. More so now (2011), because of the unlimited resources and information available on the internet. Instead of kowtowing to the official story of his death, we’re now able to be our own Sherlock Holmes to dig and sniff out a more plausible account. We’ve all heard of the many theories out there with the conspiratorial angle--Who’s to say, there’s no truth to any of them? Ummmm, except for the 'Bruce Lee is still alive' theory, of course. That one was debunked the moment Bruce’s casket was open for the world to see. Shamefully, that sensitive footage was included in the equally shameful, The Game of Death.

So how did Bruce Lee die? And after a few months of mind-blowing research, what did I discover? Well, I won’t spoil it here in writing. I’ve woven together a story with all the classic theories and characters we’ve all come to know on first name basis. The purpose of Episode Three of the 'In Too Deep' webmanga series was to attempt to show Bruce Lee’s final moments and provide possible motives behind the people closest to him. So no kowtowing from me, and hoping not from you too. Thank you, Bruce Lee fans around the globe, supporters and enthusiasts. Hope you enjoy this.


Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Teacher, Philosopher, Martial Artist and Founder of Jeet Kune Do.
Bruce Lee drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Cheerleader & orchestra member in high school where Bruce Lee came to speak on Chinese Philosophy.
Linda Lee drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Trained actor & martial artist would achieve legendary status after starring in the cult hit, The Crow.
Brandon Lee drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Musician turned actress and business woman, she is CEO of the Bruce Lee Family Companies and has a daughter.
Shannon Lee drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Co-founder and producer of Golden Harvest. He is responsible for all the biggest stars in martial arts action cinema.
Raymond Chow drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Taiwanese actress who was slated to co-star in The Game of Death with Bruce Lee, who mysteriously died in her apartment.
Betty Ting Pei drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
There are good and bad Triads. He is the assigned underworld bodyguard of Bruce Lee, hired by a very wealthy man, Mr. Ho.
Dragon Five drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go
Low level Triad thug sent to ambush Bruce Lee at Betty Ting Pei's apartment. He is best known in the underworld as, One Eyed Mike.
Michael drawing by Preserved Dragons Marten Go

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Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding Episode 3 of the IN TOO DEEP webmanga | mini comic book series.

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