Three close up images side by side by side of roughly sculpted miniature faces of Jackie Chan as Thomas in Wheels On Meals
Using Padico's LaDoll series Premier stone clay, the basic head and features are sculpted. As it dried, the rest of the head was filled out and the expression is good to go.
Three close up images side by side by side of the miniature refined sculpted head of Thomas with pronounced facial details and stand-in hair
I used oil based modeling clay for temporary hair to check facial proportions and balance. What seemed to be good at the time would come to haunt me later... you'll see.
Three images side by side by side by side of the miniature torso of statue coated in styrofoam and limbs made of aluminum wires
Styrofoam blocks are fitted over the aluminum armature and shaved down to give a general form. Wooden joints used at the shoulders and ankles as connectors.
Three images side by side by side by side of miniature statue full body in styrofoam posing with detailed clay facial expression
The entire body is coated in styrofoam and ready for the stone clay coating. The concept behind the styrofoam is making super lightweight statues. Thomas can stand well balanced on his own. Believe me?
Three images side by side by side in full body of miniature statue completely coated in stone clay
The stone clay has dried after 6 hours and then can be carved, sanded and polished. Applying water to an area will moisten the stone clay again to be re-worked. Fabrics for the New Balance tanktop are set.
Three images side by side by side in full body view of statue standing with black spandex tights a work in progress
Still refining the overall muscles and facial expression. Nothing set in stone yet. With constant updates to specific areas, it is followed by updates to the rest of the statue to keep balance and consistency.
Two images side by side in a medium close up to show the making of the black leather bicycle gloves and black spandex tights completed
Before I got started on the tanktop, the fabrics took a good week to find, store after store... the leather bicycle gloves would go on first. I penciled on the hands for size reference.
Two images side by side of the miniature statue standing with the top of the heads removed in preparation to add hair pieces
Still tweaking and refining areas. The skin got more coats of paint. I added the pattern work on the wrap around his hips under the sash and painted the Olympic Rings logo on his tights. Channelling Hannibal Lechter at this point.

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Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding my Thomas PD statue or work process. Especially if you are following these steps as a guide to making your own statue.

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