Mister LEE

When Bruce Lee put on the nunchaku show in Han's lair, the look on the soon-to-be victim was absolutely painted on everyone's faces as well, I believe. The display of weaponry and ferocity was so lethal and expansive one would be insane to try penetrate his field of awesomeness. Let's give a moment of silence to all his movie thugs now... It was that explosive energy that I set out to encapsulate in this statue piece--that single frame when all that rage was shot out from his hip up to his shoulder, along his arm and... you know the rest

* See how I made Mister LEE in: The Making of Mister LEE Statue.

Three images side by side by side showing the miniature statues Mister LEE standing on the base with the middle image a medium close up in black and white
Exhibit I.    Mister LEE near finished with base.
Three images side by side by side showing Mister LEE on the base
Exhibit II.    The nunchaku chain was nearing its end by this point.

Mister LEE Gallery 02


Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding my Mister LEE PD statue or work process. Especially if you are following these steps as a guide to making your own statue.

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