Alabama Worley


Three close up images side by side by side of the sculpted miniature face of Alabama Worley
I used Padico's LaDoll series Premier stone clay to sculpt Alabama. If I ever become a Padico spokesperson for Premier stone clay, it would be a great honor. Great clay!
Six close up images of the miniature refined sculpted head with hair piece
Still experimenting with the hair making process. I didn't start using modeling clay for stand-in hair until the Wheels On Meals statues. Ongoing refining of her face.
Three close up images side by side by side of the miniature head with hair primed and painted with peach tone skin
Primed her face with Mr. Hobby's Mr. SURFACER 1000. Again, the fine features were slightly altered because of the primer thickness. I moved on to paint her skin anyway.
Three images side by side by side of close up and fully body shots of miniature statue with gray primer painted head and stone clay body and green wire armature
After major revisions on her face, I pressed on to construct the aluminum wire armature. I was toying with the idea to make Alabama fully articulated, even a ball-jointed doll.
Three images side by side by side of standing miniature statue fully sculpted with gray primed head
Those ideas quickly faded when the pose was finally locked down. To me, it's no longer becomes a work of art when hands are constantly touching and holding the piece.
Three images side by side by side in full body shot of standing statue with hair piece and pink tight pants
Refining and smoothing continued. The best way for a smooth ceramic finish is using a damp sponge or towel to wipe the desired area. Primed her body and gave her hot tights.
Three images side by side by side in full body view of miniature statue topless with turquoise belt and pink tights
Base coat of skin went on. More revision work followed. Finished her leather belt only to realize the width was too short soon after... pleased with the progress on her face though.
Three images side by side by side of miniature statue's wedding shoes from navy blue vinyl to light blue finish
Used fine vinyl to construct her heels. The kind that are worn to weddings. Took me a great deal of time sleuthing scenes in the movie a frame at a time to discover this.

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Don't hesitate to email me at martengo or via if you have any questions regarding my Alabama Worley PD statue or work process. Especially if you are following these steps as a guide to making your own statue.

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